War Heroes

War Heroes

Including yourself in a fierce battle between heroes right now! You are the one who holds justice. So, let everyone see your power and energy by participating in War Heroes now!

Click Start button to join in the battle! What you have must do now is to defend your home base against a number of enemy soldiers. Through analyzing the transit route towards these enemies, wisely place watchtowers, barracks, and bunkers at strategic points along the path. Their death will reward you with much money. After going to the Department store, you should spend the collected money on buying upgrades for current soldiers. Further, you may also have special attacks, like mines, rockets, and paratroopers.

War Heroes is surely considered a tower defense game with a military theme. If TD series attract your inspiration for a long time, don’t let this game slip out of your hands. Enjoy!

How to play

The left mouse is held to do everything in the game.


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