Whack A Craft

Whack A CraftTake a bit of time to visit Whack A Craft right away, all Minecraft fellows! Steve is struggling in digging couple of needed resources. Can you help him to carry out this task successfully? Tap Start and enjoy now!

Landing on the playing field, the players will see a vast green land filled with 16 large holes. Click the left mouse continuously to break all the titles popping out and gather the useful materials (woods, bricks, meat, planks, etc.). After having enough resources, hurry up to learn some crafting recipes from the Protip. Then, craft some cool tools and weapons by using those materials. Use the weapons to destroy all the creepers jumping up from the holes to preserve Steve’s life. Be quick and cautious to perform this task before they attack you. Players can also choose to whack things in a dark cave. Sounds interesting, right?

Be quick to try Whack A Craft , guys! We bet you won’t feel bored while enjoying it. Much fun!

How to play

This awesome game is played by using the mouse.


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