Wheely 4: Time Travel

Wheely 4: Time Travel

If you are fond of the Wheely series, Wheely 4: Time Travel is gorgeously available to please your need! The main job goes beyond words. Here we are!

The new version continues telling Wheely whose wheel has been unexpectedly broken. While on the way to find support from his friend, he was instantly led to the prehistoric eon! How stranger! The only way to help Wheely come back to the modern life is to show up your best solutions to all in-game puzzles ideally. In each round, he needs to stay in the final destination to earn both stars and points. The more stars and points he achieves, the more chances for him to make an escape from this place. It is also important to find the tiny Wheely’s position for more nice bonuses. Got it?

We hope that Wheely 4: Time Travel leaves you admiration from one to another! Good luck!

How to play

The mouse is only used to interact with this game.


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