When Minecraft Meets Mario

When Minecraft Meets Mario

Another thrilling adventure game, namely When Minecraft Meets Mario, has been released for enjoying! It’s a cool mix of Mario & Minecraft game. Come on, guys!

During the game, players and Mario will spend time in exploring a beautiful & wonderful Minecraft land. The vital task that you must handle here is to help this mushroom man overcome all dilemmas smoothly. It’s hard to imagine how many obstructions he needs to get over, ranging from deep gaps, spike traps, to monsters, deadly creatures, etc. Players are advised to be careful to avoid causing any silly mistake, or the game will stop instantly. To let Mario access another round, click the Next button whenever he came to the right side of the screen.

Yes, don’t mind being prompt to enter When Minecraft Meets Mario and become the loyal companion of Mario now!

How to play

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