Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt revolves around a skilled witch that has responsibility for protecting a peaceful forest from lots of green monsters. But, she finds it hopeless to deal with these enemies as they are more and more crowded. Get ready to give her a hand? Just let her know how kind and compassionate you are!

There are 2 main weapons for the main character to use, including Blaze Rune and Frost Rune. What you must do is to help her control these weapons to perfectly attack and defeat the upcoming green monsters. While the Blaze Rune is designed to launch flame orbs, Frost Rune can help to freeze the opponents with sharp icy spikes. Since the witch is now standing on the icy bastion, try to keep her in balance. She fails in protecting the forest if such the bastion is destroyed.

There is no time to hesitate anymore! Enter and good luck with Witch Hunt now!

How to play

The W/Q key is pressed to switch the weapons.
The left mouse is pressed to attack the enemies.


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