Words Warriors

Words Warriors

What do you think about Words Warriors – a game to challenge your intelligence and smartness? Are you confident of overcoming a series of puzzled obstacles just with using the words in the text? If so, give the game a try now!

Every player is requested to instruct an adventurous knight – the main character – across the sentences, reading as they go by the arrow keys. Of course, each sentence is expected to consist of hints/clues about what’s going on ahead, as well as needful tools that can support you in handling any problems and monsters. Just because the knight finds it unable to win right off the bat, he should explore anything on his own and be knocked out a few times before you – his instructor – succeed in finding out which words may help him conquer. Simply embark on your initial job: That is to use the key to open the prison door and make an escape!

Play Words Warriors and try best! Good luck to you, guys!

How to play

The mouse and the arrow keys: Take control of the whole game.


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