World cup foosball

World cup foosball

Believe me! World Cup Foosball can make you joyful and play non-stop all day! Helping your team to the noble victory is the main target here. Let’s go!

There are many activities to do to control your own foosball team awesomely. First of all, please select your preferable country among 40 nations! Then, logically and strategically arrange the formation. The road to victory will be shortened if you can think of a wise project to play against your opposing team. Meanwhile, make sure to keep the home players clever, skillful, and balanced when controlling the ball. Then, straightforwardly kick the ball to the net of the opponent team by all means. Besides, remember to block their attack, or your house team is danger. The best way to achieve the World Cup trophy is to have four wins in the tournament.

Ready? World Cup Foosball is a right place to prove how skilled you are!

How to play

The arrow keys are only tapped to direct your team.


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