Zombie Miner

Zombie MinerLet’s enjoy thrilling and challenging things in Zombie Miner, all Minecraft addicts! What are you waiting for from a new Minecraft adventure game? Come with us and explore all right away! Similar to the initial games, players need to support Steve – a main character in the Minecraft world – to build a fortress to prevent zombies’ assault. Be quick to look at available blocks at the bottom, including stone, wood, bricks, lava, etc. Try to image the outlook of the fortress in the mind and then place these blocks orderly. Bear in mind that the zombies are afraid of lava blocks. So, put more these blocks in front of the fortress to defeat them. Of course, the players should accomplish everything as soon as possible because this game just gives 199 seconds to do all. Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s perform and wish you succeed!

How to play

Tap arrow keys and spacebar to move and jump.
Tap the mouse to interact with the blocks.
Tap 1-9 to choose the blocks.


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