Zombie Riot

Zombie Riot

In a beautiful city, people were very happy with the current lives. Suddenly, lots of the zombies attack and invade the whole place. People are now scared as they don’t know what to do. Please jump into Zombie Riot and give them your guide instantly! How brave you are!

Such zombies crazily destroy everything and kill everyone in the city. How to eliminate them to death? First of all, hire and place your home units on the pathways so that they can prevent the violent attacks of the undead. After seeing these enemies coming closely, your defenders use “Mega Boomerang,” “Frozen Air,” or “Sniper Blast” to exactly aim and shoot at their head. Don’t forget to collect medals as many as possible since they play an important role in generating/upgrading troops. Consider buying the more innovative items. After exploding a number of zombies, it is a nice idea to have the “Skills” activated! Play to expand more and more new regions!

Let us know what you think after playing Zombie Riot! Here we come!

How to play

The game is wholly maneuvered with the left click.


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