Zombie Tactics

Zombie TacticsA strange crisis happened, and lots of people were suddenly turned into zombies. Terribly, they came back to a small town to defeat the remaining people. How could stop their assault and bring the peace back? Please jump into Zombie Tactics and give your helpful hand, guys! Right now, players will take control 3 first characters as a police, a nurse, and a farmer. Keep in mind that this is an antagonistic battle, so everyone will attack in turn. Click on each character and choose 1 out of the 3 available actions. Work out carefully before selecting in order to confront the zombies well. The police will use an axe, the farmer will use a bow, and the nurse will heal wounds. Got it? Try to kill and earn more coins in order unlock more necessary people for the next levels. Time to act and wish you succeed!

How to play

The chief key to take control of this game is the mouse.


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