Do you know Steve, guys? He’s the hero in ZombiesCraft who fights against 50 zombies! Are you curious to know whether he loses or not? Jump into the main screen to assist Steve right away!

Now, our Minecraft hero is in a dangerous cave where lots of bloodthirsty zombies are gathering every corner. The primary mission here is to kill all of them before they attack poor people. Let’s take a look at the radar located at the top of the screen. This device plays an important role as it shows the enemies’ locations accurately to Steve. After spotting where these zombies are hidden, be quick to take control of him in order to look for and eliminate them by activating the magical Sword. Guess what? XP points will increase based on the number of dead enemies. With this budget, he can strengthen his fighting skills easily.

Show all of you talents through this exciting game – ZombiesCraft ! Much fun!

How to play

Control the main character: WASD keys.
Take action: the mouse.


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